How to Preserve/Repurpose Leftovers This Holiday 13 December 2021 – Posted in: General

For many households, the holidays mean food, different kinds of food made at the same time for the sole purpose of enjoyment, lol. Sometimes, a lot of these foods end up as leftovers and people either throw them out because they are tired of eating the same thing or they don’t preserve them properly and end up throwing them out.

In this blog post, we will take some popular Nigerian festive dishes and learn ways to preserve and turn the leftovers into new dishes. 

How To Change Leftovers Into New Meals

Pepper Soup

This dish is popular as a starter in Nigerian homes. The young and the old enjoy it. Pepper soup can be made with any one of the following; goat meat, chicken, assorted (offal of goat/beef) and it is usually spicy as implied in the name. 

To make another meal off the leftover pepper soup, cut up pieces of yam, or plantain or potatoes, Irish or sweet, whatever you favour, into the pot of leftover pepper soup, add more water, put your ingredients (crayfish, pepper, seasoning cubes, a bit of red oil if you want and viola! You have a new dish of yam/plantain/potato pottage. 


To repurpose salad, you will need pita bread. In Nigeria, Pita bread is colloquially called “shawarma bread”. You can find it in supermarkets. So you have leftover salad and you are thinking of what to do with it? Shawarma! All you need is the pita bread and a pan. Mix up your salad with any dressing of your choice, you can add a bit of ground pepper for that extra kick. If you have chicken or beef, cut it up in small pieces and also add.

Mix it all up, lay out your pita bread and put in enough of the salad but not too much that you can’t wrap the pita bread. Place your pan on the fire, low heat, coat the pan with very little vegetable oil, place your wrapped pita bread in it. When it is brown, flip and do the same to the other side. Your homemade shawarma is ready!

Peppered Chicken/Goat Meat/Beef

Peppered meat is quite popular. When making peppered meat of any kind, the stock gotten from the meat isn’t used to make this enjoyable ‘snack’. You can store the stock in the freezer and use it later for jollof rice, fried rice, stew or any dish at all. 

White Rice

So you have leftover white rice and you are wondering what to do with it? Emergency fried rice is the answer, lol. All you need are some veggies, the usual ones you use for fried rice, onions, margarine or vegetable oil, eggs if you want. Put a pan/pot on the fire, add your margarine or vegetable oil, when it has melted and it is hot, add your onions, veggies, seasoning and keep stirring.

After 7 minutes, add your whisked eggs and stir. Take your white rice, pour into the pot, stir it all together making sure the entire rice is mixed properly, leave on low heat for about 10 minutes and you have a new dish on your hands!

Rice is one of the most popular dishes during the festive period. It always gets featured and inevitably, there is always leftover rice. Leaving rice in the freezer for a long time messes with the texture. The best way to preserve rice is to flash freeze it in the freezer for 3-4 hours and then take it out and put it in the fridge. That way, the texture isn’t ruined.

Don’t forget, there is joy in giving. Look around you and spread cheer to those in need by feeding them if you can.

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Till next time, stay safe and stay out of trouble, my darlings.