How To Avoid/Cure Hangovers This Festive Period 23 December 2021 – Posted in: Lifestyle

Seasons Greetings!

The holidays are upon us and for many, this means letting your hair down and thoroughly enjoying yourself. Family, friends, lots of TV, food and of course, alcohol. Every other day this holiday, there will be calls of “we outside” and we know how that goes; alcohol will likely get featured. And since it is a fairly ‘long’ holiday, people tend to go overboard with the drinking since they aren’t worrying about work or school for the time being.


The number one reason why you have a hangover is because…wait for it… you drank too much, lol. “Too much” varies from person to person. So knowing your limit is important so you don’t get into trouble.

Dehydration. Yes, you read right. Many of the symptoms of a hangover such as dry mouth, headache, fatigue, are caused by dehydration. When you consume alcohol, water is removed from the body through frequent urination because alcohol is a diuretic. Alcohol doesn’t only cause you to pee more, it also suppresses the release of the hormone vasopressin whose job it is to balance your body’s fluids.

Stomach Irritation. Alcohol when taken in large quantities can irritate the lining of your stomach and intestines which in turn will cause stomach ache and nausea.

How To Drink Right

  1. Drink slowly. You aren’t in a competition with anyone. Pace yourself while drinking so your body has time to process the alcohol. Drinking too much too soon will turn a good time into a regrettable time.
  2. Eat a big meal before drinking. Carbohydrates or fatty foods will help your body absorb alcohol slowly. Drinking on an empty stomach is strongly discouraged.
  3. Drink water intermittently while you consume alcohol. This will help you stay hydrated.
  4. Know your limit. Alcohol and its effect isn’t one size fits all. People interact differently with alcohol. So be sure to not overdo it. Moderation is key.
  5. Avoid using fizzy drinks as chasers when drinking alcohol. Fizzy drinks speed up alcohol absorption.
  6. After a drinking session, drink lots of water before going to bed so you don’t wake up with a hangover.

How To Get Through A Hangover

While there is no known immediate cure for hangovers, these tips will help you get through it;

  1. Fluids fluids fluids. Water, fruit juice, etc. Drink lots of these to re-hydrate. 
  2. Take a pain reliever such as paracetamol for the headache and possible body pain.
  3. Eat a meal. Don’t eat too much too soon so you don’t end up puking. 
  4. A nice shower always makes everything feel better.

Remember to;

Never drink and drive. 

Drink responsibly.

Don’t question someone’s choice to drink little or no drink at all.  And if you don’t drink alcohol, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Your liver thanks you. 

Till next time, stay safe and stay out of trouble, my darlings.