Declutter Your Space; Make Room For New 30 December 2021 – Posted in: General

The Oxford dictionary defines the word “declutter” as, “to remove things that you do not use so that you have more space and can easily find things when you need them”.

Such a simple straightforward definition. We all can do with more space in one or more parts of our homes. Whether you live in just a room or you live in a much bigger space, if you look around right this second, you will most likely find a couple or more things you don’t use anymore if at all.

You say to yourself, “oh I need this. Yes, I have not used this in 8 months but I need it”. Sometimes, it’s an item you haven’t even set your eyes on in months, not because it is missing, you just totally forgot about it. But, do you let it go? Absolutely not. You tell yourself that now you’ve seen this item, you will use it. Sometimes you do, other times you don’t. When you do use it, you realize you have outgrown the style or you have added or lost weight so the piece of clothing doesn’t fit anymore. 

Clothes/items in your wardrobe or closet aren’t the only things we need to declutter. Let us take a look at the kitchen. You got new pots, why are you still hanging on to the old pots whose covers don’t even fit properly anymore? Those plastic souvenirs you keep amassing from weddings, burials, etc, how many have you opened and used? How many do you possibly need? Come on, it’s alright. Don’t look away in embarrassment. We are just talking nau. I too, I’m guilty. 

As we go into the new year, look around and gather all the stuff you have not used or even laid eyes on in many moons. De-congest your wardrobe, luggage, kitchen, the papers on your TV console that have no business being there, the program booklets of different events you have attended during the course of the year, why are you hanging on to them? 

There are items that are of sentimental value so you obviously can’t throw them away. That is totally understandable. I’m all for preserving memories. Those aren’t the items under the microscope. 

How do I know what items should get the boot?

  1. It hasn’t been used in months or even a year.
  2. It will serve someone around you better.
  3. You haven’t missed the item; it hasn’t prevented you from living your best life.

So babies, out with old and in with the new. Go into the new year, light and breezy. Don’t throw out properly kept items. Donate them to people who need them and will definitely use them.

Till next time, stay safe and stay out of trouble, my darlings.