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Start The Year With An Annual Checkup 26 January 2022 – Posted in: Lifestyle

It is the first month of the year and activities have begun in earnest. The festivities and break is over. People have resumed their jobs, businesses are open, kids have returned back to school, etc. You know what didn’t go on break at all? In fact, what never goes on break? Our bodies! We’re living and breathing, some better than others but there’s no break. Our organs are doing different things at the same time…

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Save Money; Eat Veggies/Foods/Fruits In Their Season 15 January 2022 – Posted in: General

Nigeria has experienced a downward turn of the economy in recent years as a result of bad economic policies, insecurity in different parts of the country, terrorism in the North where many of our produce come from, etc. The culmination of all these has led to food produce being expensive and has led to some food crisis of some sorts across the entire country.  In order to stay ahead and sort of counter the hike…

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Most Of The World Uses The Gregorian Calendar Today. Before The Gregorian Calendar, What Did We All Use? 7 January 2022 – Posted in: General

Calendars are an integral part of what keeps society running smoothly. Can you imagine if people come and go as they please? No way of tracking anything. It’d be absolute chaos don’t you agree? What is the Gregorian Calendar? What is the Gregorian calendar? The Gregorian calendar which is what most of the world uses today was invented and introduced into society by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. It was perceived as a tool to…

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