Save Money; Eat Veggies/Foods/Fruits In Their Season 15 January 2022 – Posted in: General

Nigeria has experienced a downward turn of the economy in recent years as a result of bad economic policies, insecurity in different parts of the country, terrorism in the North where many of our produce come from, etc. The culmination of all these has led to food produce being expensive and has led to some food crisis of some sorts across the entire country. 

In order to stay ahead and sort of counter the hike in food and fruits prices, it is to our benefit to tailor our nutritional needs to what is in season at every point in time. This is not to say you cannot eat your favourite meals if they aren’t in season. It is simply a way to strike a balance and save money where possible.

In Nigeria, we have 2 major seasons; dry season and rainy season. And with each season, comes different foods, fruits and vegetables in abundance. In the North, the rainy season starts later in the year compared to the South of the country. 

Rainy Season Pattern Across The Country

Rainy Season Pattern Across The Country

  1. South: April to  November Rainy season. It peaks in June and July
  2. North: Mid May to mid September

Some Fruits And Vegetables And Their Peak Season

Tomatoes: March- April, December- January 

Okra: June- August

Sweet Potatoes: November- December

Mangoes: April- July

Plantain: October- February

Yam: August- October

Vegetables (all kinds): The rainy season

Guavas: March- May

Corn: May- July

Onions: September- November, January- March

While this list might not be infallible because sometimes the seasons in the year start late in different parts of the country, this post is to encourage us to lean towards using fruits, vegetables and produce in general, in their season. It is cheaper and fresher too. So when next you’re at the market, look out for veggies and fruits that are in abundance/in season. 

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Till next time, stay safe and stay out of trouble, my darlings.