H1 down, who’s up? 31 August 2022 – Posted in: General

We are officially done with the first half of the year. The first half of the year is so important as it frames your year. You can easily tell the trajectory from those first three months. Any course corrections that need to be done can also be easily done in that timeframe or due to it.

The thing I always try and remember at this time is to look forward while staying conscious of the present, and at the same time understanding the past. Basically where am I now? What led me here? and if I like where I’m at I continue this trajectory but if I don’t like where I am I know I need to pivot.

And my number 1 rule of thumb – Don’t get stuck on time!. It’s best not to get me started on my conspiracy theories of how time is made up. So I’ll stick to telling you its not as important as the journey and the destination. That’s why its best to focus on the path, time resets, seasons reset but who you are and what you learn, stays forever.