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For the love of FOOD 2 September 2022 – Posted in: Lifestyle

Why do you eat? Was the blanket answer because you need food? I mean that’s a reason to eat but that’s not why most people eat. Heck, that’s not why I eat, or at least before I actively studied my relationship with food. I started paying attention to my own eating habits when I had an emotional eater live with me. When she first moved in she was healthy eating as she was on a…

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Start The Year With An Annual Checkup 26 January 2022 – Posted in: Lifestyle

It is the first month of the year and activities have begun in earnest. The festivities and break is over. People have resumed their jobs, businesses are open, kids have returned back to school, etc. You know what didn’t go on break at all? In fact, what never goes on break? Our bodies! We’re living and breathing, some better than others but there’s no break. Our organs are doing different things at the same time…

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How To Avoid/Cure Hangovers This Festive Period 23 December 2021 – Posted in: Lifestyle

Seasons Greetings! The holidays are upon us and for many, this means letting your hair down and thoroughly enjoying yourself. Family, friends, lots of TV, food and of course, alcohol. Every other day this holiday, there will be calls of “we outside” and we know how that goes; alcohol will likely get featured. And since it is a fairly ‘long’ holiday, people tend to go overboard with the drinking since they aren’t worrying about work…

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